Pros and cons of the internet

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The internet offers a vast number of benefits and also some dangers. Internet is one of the marvels of this technological era we are living in and there are a many things we can do using the internet besides looking for information. Nevertheless, there are also some dangerous practices that can cause lots of problems if we are not careful with what we do on line. Here is a list of some of the pros and cons of this powerful tool. Pros Paying bills and banks on line – what a wonderful thing is to watch TV or having a coffee sitting in the sofa while paying bills or doing checking your bank account or transferring money, all within minutes. Looking for a job - long gone are the days in which someone had to buy the news paper every Sunday to look for a job, or standing in a queue in some employment agency. Now- a-days there are many companies dedicated posting employment vacancies through the internet. The studies say that these services are the most used by people looking for a job.

The services is so popular that even government agencies, International Organization and many other post their vacancies on their respective web site. Communications: this is probably the most important feature of internet, the possibility of communicating in an instant. We have e-mailing, social networks, conference call services, instant messaging, you name it! The most important thing is that we can do all of this without paying a dime.
Cons With the advance of technologies and its benefits, there has also been an increase of felonies and crime using the internet. Although banks have secure web site and they are constantly updating their security measure, many people have been the victim of scams. Although communicating is very important and allows keeping in touch with a lot of people around the world, there are also unscrupulous people using communication tools to cause harm or to commit crimes such as child pornography. There are many cases around the world in which children have been contacted by these criminals and unfortunately many cases have ended in rape and kidnap. Parents, please be aware!!

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