Techniques to build links and get backlinks

Techniques to build links and get backlinks

When we own blogs or Web site we spent some time looking for links those strategies to help us get those precious Backlinks to provide us with the task of publicizing our sites and to help us pass to win some points with the search giant "Google". 

1) How to get visitors through social networks 

• How to get views from Facebook: Many consider posting links to fan pages that are not our property is just spam, but this certainly is very relative because depending on how you do it could be beneficial both for you and your visitors, here you will find the article that will tell you how. 

• How to get visits from Google+: many will assume that only share the links to already be generating visits (for no) serious issue to optimize this so they can have a greater impact and scope How is this accomplished? As follows: 

Try as much as possible that your items come accompanied by a visual image and that is what will attract the attention of people especially those who simply read the titles. 
Accompany your posting a brief description first have to be brief because if you count all the article content people will not have curiosity of what you can find in it and second is used as a description explaining that you're going the subject, future followers of your content will see your dedication in publishing and finally prevents the dedications sensational as they could be fatal and bland. 

• How to get visits from Twitter: here is the thing gets tricky because if a hearing has proved difficult to conquer were Twitter users so I recommend you would be wise to publish exclusive news because these are the most widespread in Network. 

2) Send your articles to news aggregator that is your preference 
Although there are many different news aggregators always good to settle into one as well users of this community you will be identified in a better way and not have to spend much time in this practice. Some news aggregators would be: 

3) Provides free Ebooks 
This is a practice that many experienced bloggers on the subject to capture the attention of users and this is done only by offering free information, you could also offer special information the best way would be researching a topic for which you are attracted and can be helpful to others such publication. 

4) Comment on blogs, forums or other community 
What else can be better than your visitors are people I interacted as such to make them or you offer your queries in forums or support those who read and give them your opinion through your comments, this is certainly the best way to take advantage of all the time you spend surfing the internet. 

5) Post in different places 
Your blog is not the only place which expose your content because if you have friends bloggers (an important point to be successful in this) and you could offer as an editor to change that because of your authorship give you the credit you deserve with a kind of reciprocal link, that apart from giving you know your blog could help move up through the Pagerank. 

6) Send documents 
This is a technique that can have a variation with the Ebook are also entirely graris or combined as you can prepare a special article like this and decide whether to publish it in your blog or send it to the corner of the pages as vague or other pages of documents online the most important thing would be to specify that it is of your authorship and that's where the link would come into play you want. 

7) Work on your offline world 
Believe it or not there are several ways to build links outside the network and I'm not talking about buying an ad in a newspaper and not have to spend a dime to do it, the first thing would be to publicize your site with your friends who know face to face if they like well if not stop wasting time because if they are not interested in the project overemphasized. If you are one of those professionals who take pride your business card should consider include your insurance place there will be several people to whom their attention.

8) Email Marketing 
Here if you have to be very careful because the line between good spam email marketing is very thin so it would be advisable to only apply if you have a website offering a product that the recipient would be interested fortunately this work will be done by from readers when they subscribe to your blog RSS. 

9) Video Marketing 
The term video marketing rather serious as an extension does not mean that the videos you upload to your Youtube channel for instance would not have to be directly to publicize your site as users subscribe to your channel could learned through direct interaction with you what your blog. 

10) Use your creativity 
I wanted to add this point since the techniques we use today were created by other people so you could be one of them, the question is to be structured by well discuss the idea with others to see if the proposal is not malicious and finally run, and time will tell if it was a valuable contribution or not. 

Some of these tips maybe already well known to many but are exposed with the firm intention of helping beginners as webmasters and seek help in the difficult task of publicizing the content they generate. Many of these strategies are considered not harmful because the links will redirect traffic to your site contain the nofollow attribute so you need not worry about future penalties from Google. 

PS: All the advice given here belong to the art of search engine rankings (SEO) combined with the help we can offer social networking and other promotional tools. 

Author: Jesus Dugarte. 

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